Volumising hair ~ the experiment

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Volumising Hair

Hair thickening products;

In the last 5 years or so I’ve noticed my hair going from fine but “lots of it” to just fine and generally lank.  I miss my hair looking like hair and getting frustrated with the way it just hangs limply.  So I’ve looked into the various ways of volumising hair using the best hair thickening products

In shower hair thickening products

Thickening shampoo and conditioner are readily available on the market.  We tried Sebastian’s Volupt which we really, really liked but you could also try;

Percy & Reed

Ojon Volume Advance

Joico Body Luxe


On damp hair before blowdrying

Thickening and texturising product

Tigi’s Superstar Queen for a Day and/or Superstar Blow dry lotion – Thickens, conditions and smells amazing!

Wella Velvet Amplifier – Gives more control when styling

Evo – Mister Fantastic Texturising Spray.  A blow drying, spray which adds gloss and texture.

Label.m Thickening Cream.  A fantastic product that brings a LOT of body to the hair.  You do have to rough dry your hair though as once it is in you can’t comb it straight till you’ve dried it.  Claims to actively “swell” hair – I can testify to the fact it does just that!



Volumising Mousses

James Brown Photo Fabulous Volumising Mousse.  I find the mousses a little easier to work with when the hair is wet because you can comb it through without losing any of the volumising effects.  This one left my hair super smooth and soft but with definite volume boost which has last the whole day.  You can buy James Brown in Boots.

Label.m  Volume Mousse

Schwarzkopf Got2Be Collagen Lift Effect Big Volume Mousse – adds plumpness to your hair!

On dry hair

Ojon Volume Advance Spray.  One for the roots – you spray directly in and it will defy gravity!

Tigi Sugar Dust – texturising “sugar” for your roots – great for getting the final lift and maintaining it.

Label m Resurrection Style Dust.  This one is similar in that it is a fine, matte powder that  is worked into the roots in order to lift them and create the illusion of thicker hair.

Schwarzkopf Got2be Collagen lift hairspray – Gives fantastic hold as well as lift – great for volumising hair

We reviewed the best hair thickening products below;

Experiment with volume

#1  Shampoo/conditioner only – Volupt by Sebastian.  There was a small improvement to the thickness of my hair  which lasted a day or so.  Pretty good for daily use but still not good enough for me 🙂

#2 Shampoo/conditioner and x1 damp hair product.  I used the same shampoo/conditioner but also added in Label.m’s Thickening Cream.  This was better – significant “pouf” to the lower part of my hair….around the roots still weak though.  It lasted very well and even 48 hours later when my hair normally looks lank…it looks like it’s got more life!

#3 Shampoo/conditioner, x1 damp hair product, x1 dry hair product.  Using the same shampoo and conditioner I then added in the Ojon thickening spray.  I felt this product wasn’t ideal for those with quite limp hair and would be best used by people with normal to thick hair once they’ve finished styling to hold a style at the roots.  It felt a little unnatural and you couldn’t quite run your fingers through your hair.  I would only use this extra step of dry hair product for a night out as I like the softness and mobility during the day.


If I wanted every day – go to the shops, office, walk the dog type thicker hair I’d shower with the volumising hair products and dry with one of the mousses.

For a more glamourous look – lunch with friends, dinner date, special work event – I’d use the thickening cream instead of the mousse as it creates thicker hair but it’s a little more difficult to work with when drying so needs a little more time to comb out and blow dry.  If I were going anywhere outside I’d be using the hairspray too!

For a special event I’d use the shower products, then the purple Tigi Superstar Duo as they smell wonderful and I’d want my hair to smell nice as well as get the pre event pampering experience!  I’d then get a final lift with of the sugars/dust/Ojon and set the whole style with the Got2be hairspray.  I’d carry the Label.m Resurrection Dust in my handbag as it’s the perfect size for topping up your do!

I hope that’s helped you – if you’d like any more information on thinning hair do let me know as I have access to some brands who provide solutions.

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