What Men Should Know about Underarms Hair Removal

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In the 21st century, many men are either trimming their armpit hair or getting rid of it completely using a shaver, wax, or laser hair removal for one reason or another. For some, it’s for cosmetic reasons because they want to look and feel good while others do it because of their professions. Swimmers remove all body hair to streamline their bodies while bodybuilder, models, and wrestlers do it because they have to remove their shirts in front of people. 

However, some macho men wouldn’t be caught dead, removing underarm hair because they think it’s not masculine. Whether it’s for you or not, here are some things men should know about underarm hair removal;

1. It’s very masculine

Body hair removal is a practice that has been associated with women for many years. However, over the last decade, the most masculine men like David Beckham and Frank Lampard have set the standard of underarm hair removal for their fellow men. It’s now considered a very manly thing to do, and women love a man who is manscaped.

2.    It doesn’t have to be painful

Even the most masculine men are scared of pain, mainly because the armpit area is very sensitive. However, it’s essential to know that it doesn’t need to be painful at all, and not all people get ingrown hair and bumps after shaving. You can start by trimming your hair with small scissors before shaving or waxing so the process won’t be painful. It’s also important to use good shaving cream and a sharp razor that will go smoothly on one stroke. If shaving, waxing and other methods seem like too much work, you can always get laser hair removal for permanent results, and it doesn’t hurt at all.

3.    You will feel cleaner

 The best thing about underarm hair removal is how much cleaner and fresher you feel, especially after taking a shower and washing hairless pits. Since you will be applying that antiperspirant directly to your skin, it works twice as better, and armpit smell will be a thing of the past. You no longer have to deal with itchy or smelly armpits because shaving removes all those dead skin cells and bacteria on your skin.

4. Don’t neglect the aftercare

 Most men just want to shave and get on with their lives. However, it’s important to exfoliate your armpits every now and then especially a few days after hair removal to remove dead cells and prevent ingrown hairs. You should also buy a good moisturizer that you can apply before the deodorant, so your armpit skin is well hydrated.

5.    Hair removal is no substitute for showering

When people hear that underarm hair removal will reduce sweat and odor, they think it’s now okay to stay two days without showering. The only way those armpits will remain fresh is by taking a shower at least once a day and applying your antiperspirant as usual.

Underarm hair removal is still a new concept for most men who are coming to terms with manscaping. It is a big step towards enjoying better hygiene, feeling more comfortable and of course, impressing the opposite sex.

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