Big Bold Red Wines From Your Local Supermarket.

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Doesn’t really feel like autumn yet does it? Regardless, here’s our pick of the ‘big, bold, warming reds’, plus a rose wine or two for the milder weather.


Morrisons Signature Barossa 13.0% abv. This bold Australian Shiraz is full of juicy plum and warming spices. Soft on the palate, with a long finish. Pair with hearty winter dishes such as gourmet sausages and mash. £8.99 per bottle.

Morrisons Signature Sangiovese Superiore. 12.5% abv. An Italian classic chosen specially for Morissons. The damson bouquet gives way to strong redcurrant and strawberry flavours. No tannin aftertaste. Perfect with steak and garlic-roasted veggies. £6.99 per bottle. See more Morrisons wines at

Virgin wines

Gypsy Lee Rose White Zinfandel 2012 10.5% abv. We can’t help returning to this cheeky ‘red’. Lighter in alcohol and feel, it is great for this mild weather. The floral bouquet is full of strawberries and cherry bursts. Short finish. Chill well and drink solo or with light fish dishes. £8.99 per bottle.

Les Grand Chemins Carignan Vielles Vignes 2012 12.5% abv. Hailing from old vines of the Languedoc region this is a robust rich wine bursting with fruit flavours. The nose sings of damsons typical of this grape. Slightly dry on the palate. £8.49 per bottle.. For more Virgin wines, and national stockists see


Fleurie Exquisite Collection 2010 13.0% abv. Made from the Beaujolais region’s Gamay grapes, this delicious wine packs fresh ripe cherries and red fruits. The sumptuous finish is laced with delicate notes of bramble spice at just the right intensity, and the lighter taste makes this a very palatable solo drink. £6.49 per bottle.

Baron Amarillo Rioja Reserva 2007 13.5% abv. Dark in the bottle, promising a rich experience this classic Rioja is aged three years in oak barrels that deepens its flavour and aroma. The palate is dominated by red fruit flavours and blackcurrant notes. Typically, you get the vanilla and toasty oak finish, making this a welcome tipple for the longer nights. £6.29 per bottle. More Aldi wines can be found at 


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